About the founder of Greek Balance Tours

About the Founder of Greek Balance Tours I first started travelling to Greece with my parents at a young age. I don’t remember much ,but one memory I kept was visiting my grandfather who lived in Maniatika, Piraeus. I remember being taken to the local kafenio. All my grandfathers friends kept giving me money to

As tourism increases, who benefits?

Every year the statistics show there is an increase in tourism on the Greek islands (and Greece in general.) For example, the figures from 2015 gathered that 2.5 million people visited the Greek islands, and the percentage of Visitors from UK and Ireland increased by nearly 15% (source GNTO ) My question is ,who really

When is the best time to visit Greece?

Since 1994 I have been visiting the Greek islands at least once a year In these 20 + years I have experienced all the seasons, and have taken tour groups on different dates between May-September In my opinion the mid-end of June has been the most rewarding. Why? Tourism industry workers are fresh and excited.